The Relationship Between Organizational Climate and Employee Motivation Essay

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Adapting the changes of markets and employees’ needs is the main target of the organizations in present time. Climate plays a great role in developing and enforcing positivity in the employee’s behaviors, motivation levels, commitment and loyalty etc. (Castro & Martins, 2010). In connection with this, organizational climate is defined as the shared meaning organizational members attach to the events, policies, practices, and procedures they experience and the behaviors they see being rewarded, supported, and expected (Ehrhart, et. al, 2014). Organizational climate can shape the context of organizations to influence employees’ perception of knowledge management and innovations, and to motivate employees to engage in the process of transforming knowledge into new products (Chen, C. and Lin, B.,2004). The term motivation comes from the Latin word movere, which simply means, "to move'. Motivation refers to individual's effort to produce maximal work results over time in accordance with the wishes of the organization (Mills, et. al., 2007). If the climate of the organization is not good, it will de-motivate the employee no matter how good he/she is (Sameen and Salman, 2014). Otherwise, if the organizational climate is perceived good, the employee motivation is high. In relation, a call center is defined as a place where contacts are made and received. It is often the “front door” to a business and is the place where most crucial customer interactions take place. According to Open Access (2013), call centers are known for having some of the highest employee attrition and turnover rates among all industries in both the US and even around the world. In connection, the dimensions of organizational climate and level of motivation will be assessed. The PRM Data Quest Corporation is a call center industry, which composed of an outbound and inbound call center agents. This

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