The Relationship Between George and Lennie

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The relationship between George and Lennie By Lucy Elliott 10y1 The novel, "Of Mice of Men" portrays the deep relationship of George and Lennie. As the book continues and progresses, the reader immerses deeper into their relationship. The curiosity of George and Lennie’s friendship is intriguing for the reader as it is very complex and full of twists and turns. Undoubtedly, George feels a sense of duty and responsibility towards him. As the book progresses we come to learn that Lennie wouldn’t be able to live without George due to the constant reminder of things and the need to be reminded to stay out of trouble. George is also harsh, mean and very stern towards Lennie, however, it is also very evident that George never left Lennie despite his life would have mean much easier without him. When Lennie and George arrive in the brush, we straight away gather that there is a leader, follower relationship that occurs between the two. However as we read further we get to understand the relationship between the two and how much of an impact George has on Lennie and even the other way around. It becomes clear that Lennie is very childlike and needs constant supervision. At one stage in the book Lennie has a dead mouse in his pocket. He explains to George, when he finally gives up, that he likes to pet it as he walks along. This gives me and other readers the image of a child with a comforter. When George sees this he also treats him like a child and makes Lennie throw it away "give it here Lennie.” This shows there father-son like relationship. It is clear that George is the one in charge and a father figure to Lennie. This however gives us a confusing image at first because of the opening paragraph of the book and its detail given of the appearances. George was given a description of ‘small and quick’ while Lennie was ‘a huge man’. A confusing image is portrayed due

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