The Relationship Between Excercise Dependence - 1 - Symptoms (Eds) and Perfectionism

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Running Head: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXCERCISE DEPENDENCE - 1 - SYMPTOMS (EDS) AND PERFECTIONISM A Summary of: “The Relationship Between Exercise Dependence Symptoms and Perfectionism” by Amy L. Hagan, M.S.E.S.S. and Heather A. Hausenblas Sebastian Puetz IS 103 Using the Library Instructor: Orpheus Stephens 19 July, 2012 Institute of International Studies Ramkhamhaeng University THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EDS AND PERFECTIONISM -2- Prior Research The authors, Hagan and Hausenblas, talk about the importance of the correlation of exercise dependence as negative physical and psychological effects will result. The article introduces a study in which differences between exercise behavior and perfectionism of high and low exercise-dependent individuals are examined. University students served as participants. Prior research showed that both extremes, “sedentary-behavior” and “excessive exercise”, cause negative health consequences, whereas the latter can manifest into exercise dependence with no regard to injuries, e.g. (1998, 2002). Furthermore the exercise dependence was split into two groups: Primary exercise-dependence where exercises itself are the motivator, and secondary exercise-dependence with the desire to control the body-shape through excessive exercising (1994). An important personality trait which is oftentimes related to exercise dependence is perfectionism. Perfectionism occurs with either a negative or a positive force behind, whereas the former manifests into the need to avoid failure and to strive for the 'unreachable' satisfaction (1995). Research Questions The main purpose of the study was to examine the correlation between the symptoms of primary exercise-dependence and perfectionism. Secondarily, the relationship between primary exercise-dependence symptoms and exercise behavior were also

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