The Relationship Between Ethics and Case Management

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I’m going to start this paper of by stating the definition of Ethics and a Case Management. What is Ethics? According to The Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (2003) of the APA association stated from the class book; Ethics pertains to the standards that govern the conduct of its professional members, every code states that professionals must act in accordance with relevant federal and state statues and government regulations. I consider ethics to be a standard of right and wrong that we as humans should do in our society. In my field we always see ethical issues arise when the standards are challenged. That issue in itself arises because everyone puts value on different things in their life. What is Case Management? According to our class power points; it’s a creative and collaborative process, involving skills of counseling, assessment, consulting, teaching, modeling and advocacy that aim to enhance the optimum functioning of the individual. In my personal opinion and from the view point as a substance abuse center, a case manager helps the client identify personal skills, abilities, and assets through discussion; supports client decision making so that the client sets treatment goals and determines how the goals will be met; encourages client participation in seeking assistance; and works to resolve any client barriers to treatment, such as lack of transportation, child care, and social support. The case manager also advocates with treatment providers and the case manager strives to develop a strong working alliance with the client, which is central to the process of finding substance abuse treatment services effectively. Everyone has a different background when it comes to ethics and case management; all these things are affected by life experience and also bring an individual’s framework into that situation. I spoke with some of our substance

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