The Relationship Between Eliezer and His Father

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Name: Godfrey Bethel Professor: CYNTHIA C. Watkins Course: ENC 1102 Date: 03/02/2013 Essay 2 The Relationship between Eliezer and his Father There is an old adage which states "My father never showed me how to live; he just lived, and he made me watch it all" which depicts how a model father should mold his son. Renowned author Eliezer Wiesle memoir titled “Night,” outline his childhood relationship with his father during the dark days of the Nazi Holocaust. As the protagonist Eliezer, a young energetic Jewish boy commences the narration on the happy days in Sighet, Romania with his family before they were taken into bondage. Eliezer details the horrific occurrences that accosted the Jewish families which pushed them to the point of abandoning godly and family values for survival. As the story unfolds horrendous atrocities which transpired, threatened the relationship between a father and son during the genocide period of World War II. This paper sources to outline in depth the relationship between the protagonists Eliezer a captive Jewish boy estranged relationship with his father. The introduction part of the book displays Eliezer’s displeasure with his father’s action toward him as a son. Eliezer views his father as a patriarch though in a more mechanical manner. His feelings are filled with admiration and anger. Eliezer’s father is a respected figure within the Jewish community in Sighet. People are constantly soliciting Eliezer’s father for insight on matters even before the German occupied Sighet. This illustrates that the relationship between Eliezer and his father was based on respect and mixed feelings of hatred, envy and admiration. This is observed when Eliezer decides to study mysticism at a tender age which is contrary to the Jewish beliefs. This shows an attempt for Eliezer embrace some of the responsibilities which his father is much

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