The Reforms of Peter the Great Essay

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American Military University HIST 320 Russian History Week Three Paper The Reforms of Peter the Great Tim Nicholson August 21, 2011 It is interesting to note that with the Crown practically thrown into the lap of Peter the Great that at a young age he simply wasn't interested. 1 It was not until he was twenty two that he was in effect the new Tzar. During his young life he saw palace intrigue full of the typical Russian drama of factions fighting over who would rule accompanied by the usual plots, coup's, counter plots, murder and so on... until he was last man standing at twenty two. On the bright side Peter was nearly an unstoppable force, known for having unbounded energy, a huge physical presence at nearly seven feet tall, active in politics, he would take defeats and merely shrug them off, and he had a belief that government should be a force for good in a society. 2 Fortunately for Russia having a positive and progressive outlook unlike a previous ruler like Ivan the Terrible mass murder and slaughter of innocents was kept to a minimum. At this young age Peter got involved in the mechanics of state diplomacy involving both war and peace. In the matter of warfare he was very interested in the profession of soldiers and sailors starting from the very bottom all the way to the top by enlisting. Of course, it didn't hurt being king as he would promote himself all the way to general as he saw fit, he did at the very least see what life was like working from the bottom to the top. 3 One of Peters passions was in fact “westernizing” the military (as well as the economy) and he would end up seeing western militaries up close and personal as well as using foreigners to reform the military along those western lines. Unusual among Russian rulers was Peter's visitation of his nation to all corners of Muscovy. 4

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