The Red Tree Belonging Essay

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An understanding and connection to the world and people surrounding individuals is vital in achieving a fulfilling sense of belonging. In the Simple Gift, Herrick is able to achieve notions of belonging through establishing relationships with others and place. This belonging is brought about in reaction to isolation from his original town of Wentworth through the inability to form relationships. This text is one example of the bildungsroman genre, such as it races Billy’s journey from adolescence, as personified by Wentworth, to adulthood, personified by Bendarat. In the “Red Tree” (RT) the composer Shaun Tan illuminates the fostering of belonging through personal growth by showing how the young girl subsists in the city and her home through the use of nature. In “Romulus, My Father” (RMF), Gaita explores the aspects of relationships and identity to place that is essential in establishing belonging as the Gaita family migrate to Australia. Through understanding these connections in these texts, the audience can analyse how isolation and belonging evolve through people and place. A sense of belonging is often found in response to a person experiencing…show more content…
The effect of his relationships to others on Billy leads him to evolve and grow as a person and to have a mature outlook on life and a connection to his new world in Bendarat. The little girl in the Red Tree also fosters a sense of growth that evolved into belonging, leading on from the young girls initial isolation however it is through her disconnection to people and her world that allows belonging to evolve and grow. The growth of Raimond in RMF dictates that the importance of personal growth, even though one may have experienced alienation, is vital in achieving a fulfilling sense of belonging. Further studying of belonging concepts that evolve from isolation, allows the audience to achieve their own growth and
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