The Red Studio

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The title of this art piece is called “The Red Studio.” It was created by Henri Matisse, who is a French artist. He was known for his “use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship.” “The Red Studio” was created in France during the time of 1911. Using oil on a canvas Matisse created a piece of art with the dimensions of 5’11 ¾” by 7’2 ¼”. While looking at the picture of the painting handed to me it was easy to figure out that we were all evaluating a reproduction rather than an actual work of art.
The meaning behind the painting was because Matisse wanted to invite the evaluators into his red studio. From the choices of communicating information, political purposes, art about art, religious or cultural expression, individual aesthetic expression, and utilitarian purposes “The Red Studio” would most likely fall under art about art. This painting was based off of his studio. It may not have looked exactly like the studio in real life because it was “flattened out into a solid red rectangle.” Me as the viewer, I felt as the painting had too much red. It really distracts me from everything else that is in the painting and it gives me a headache if I looked at it for too long.
Matisse used a couple elements in his painting to give it meaning. For example when he uses the white lines to outline the furniture and walls make us, the viewers, know that it’s some type of room and in this case a studio. With the lines he also created space. He placed them in the right spots and it made it look like you can actually step into the room because it’s so spacey. To top it off he used a nice amount of geometric shapes. He used rectangles for the paintings, table, chair etc. and he also put in a few organic shapes as well. Such as the vase with the flowers in it on the table, the people that are painted on the paintings and the statues standing in the far right corner,

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