The Red Convertible Short Story

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Brotherhood Life is a common phenomenon that teaches everyone thousands things and lessons evolving from childhood until death. That could include either positive or negative aspects in the realm. But the basic principle is that everyone spends his/her life in the family atmosphere where they learn basic sentiments toward their family members. The short story “The Red Convertible” tells us about two brothers Henry and Layman, and the negative impacts of the Vietnam War on their intense relationship. The story focuses on some important elements of life that include love, hate and negligence. Post-war psyche implication has been considered as one of the life’s negative variable that led to a thorough turn away of Henry from his brother Lyman. I observe an important point from this story is about how life cannot be condensed into a single them.…show more content…
In fact that did help in recovering his brother a little bit. After Henry repaired the car He seemed a little bit happy but that happiness was not enough, still the sadness could be noticed in him. As Layman says “He was better than he had been before, but that’s still not saying much” (24). As the story ends, Henry choose to drown himself in the river. It can be inferred that he did not have any other choice to recover himself. Committing suicide was the only way to free himself from those things that he is suffering from. The “The Red Convertible” was an interesting story for me. The author Endrich highlighted very important elements of life. That could include the love of two brothers toward each other, .the change in life, and its effects on their relationship. As I mentioned above, I was really inspired by one of the themes of the story that how life cannot be condensed into a single

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