The Reality and Imagination -Frankenstein

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The Reality and the Imagination “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly To write a book , a writer should be influenced by something important for him/ her .It could be anything - a life , a motive , a person , a smile, an event. We realize that years of research have find out that it is not a coincidence that there are connections in Mary Shelly`s life and here novel masterpiece - Frankenstein .There are various references to her family members and she expresses situations and feelings of her life among pages of the book ,that makes her novel Frankenstein a puzzle in which she has secretly hidden pieces of he own life. There are a lot of examples for placing secrets in masterpieces, a lot of authors enjoy hide secrets in their works- for instance there is Leonardo Da Vinci`s painting “The Last Supper” – which is a great example for secrecy .To reveal the secret of the work , to expose every hidden part of it , to find the connections, to decipher it - makes every individual researcher replete with proud and satisfactions . Such is the case when studying the Mery Shelly`s life and her acknowledged book “Frankenstein”. A small hidden detail which can be considered as insignificant , can turn to be great hints and help to understand and reveal the feelings of the author. The first secret embedded in Mary Shelly`s novel is the connection between the names of her characters- Margaret Saville ,Victor , Elizabeth and William. ”Frankenstein” starts with series of letters written by Captain Robert Walton to his sister Margaret Saville. Her full name is Margaret Walten Saville and her initials are MWS , which brings us to the connection between the author`s name and her character. MWS stands for Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley – the name acquired after marrying Percy Shelley. Herr husband ( Percy
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