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There is a freedom that comes with life; a freedom unbound by the laws governing us at a social level; one that permits us to express ourselves with limited restrictions; a freedom that is abstract, not seen nor heard in their literal senses, but felt. Felt in actions and words spoken. It is the freedom of decisions. Decisions that not only construct experiences, opportunities, and consequences, but create situations that have been silenced, muted, for the simple fact that a single decision eliminated the possibility. Every moment that we are faced with crossroads is a moment in which a decision is born, springing from the inevitability of choosing which way to go. Moving onwards calls for more choices, each selection adding a chunk to life—a “domino effect,” if I may. When a choice puts into favor one scene, its contender disappears with dominos unfaltering, an entirely different life put to rest. And it is with these decisions that we must face the consequences of things that will and will not occur. Stemming from this are the psychological decisions that we must make. Sticking to the ideas of remembrance and forgiveness, let it be kept in mind that life is viewed subjectively, differing from one eye to another, shaped by various factors such as culture, personality, and society. With this said, the choice as to what and how much to remember may not be entirely ours to make. Though everything happens in our minds, there may be events or memories that have been repressed as a form of self-defense, or altered based on what others want us to think, thus, remembering is not completely ours. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is. It commands personal acceptance and the ability to move past what has happened to be able to move forward into the future, a decision made by you and you alone. The movie The Reader shows clear signs that choices made in the past may

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