The Raod Less Traveled Essay

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A Reflection on “The Road Not Taken” As I was reading the various short stories and poems in out textbook, “Journey Into Literature” by Wayne Clugston (2010), I was surprised to find myself quickly captivated by the readings and those whom wrote them. I was not aware of my inclination toward enjoying writings of this type, as I have lived much of my life pursuing the things that give quick and easy pleasure. I did not desire to take the time to read something out of my “ordinary” genre, which most recently consists of the Biblical, informational, motivational, and devotional content. I am pleased with my response to these famous authors and their literature and I am eager to embark upon this journey into literature. With that being said, I will be reflecting upon the poem that truly captured my interest the most, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, and using the analytical approach of Reader-Response. The Reader-Response approach to literary criticism seems to be the most natural form for me to analyze literature. I say this because I do feel emotion and form opinions quickly and I tend to want to know where those feelings are coming from. I found our textbook to be very helpful in pinpointing how I can develop a critical analysis by means of connecting questions to my feelings about the poem. According to Clugston (2010), “you must account for your feelings by finding specific aspects of the literary work that make you feel as you do” (Section 16.2, para 2). Clugston goes on to give examples of the questions to ask, “What captured my imagination? Was it a feeling, an emotion, a curiosity, or an aspiration? Did it involve a desire to escape a past or present association? What motivation or change did my connection with this piece of literature create in my thinking? In my relationships? What connections can I make between this piece of literature and others

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