The Ramayana Of Valmiki

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In the story of The Ramayana of Valmiki translated by Swani Venkatesananda princess Sita is described as a loving, loyal and devoted wife. Sita left her family and everything she knew to live in the forest with her husband, Rama. She was abducted by a demon name Ravana, threaten to be killed and was put on public trail to prove her love to Rama. Throughout all she endured Sita remained loyal and devoted to her husband Rama. Sita’s characteristics makes her a great example for women in India. Sita and Rama had been together for a very long time and she loved Rama with all her heart and couldn’t imagine her life without him. When Rama was exiled to live a life of hardship in the Dandaka forest for 14 years, instead of Sita staying in the city of Ayodhya and enjoying her life, she left everything behind to be with her husband. “With you it will be more than heaven to me. It will not be the least hardship to me; without you, even heaven is hell” (Lawall, 901). Another charactertic that makes Sita a great example for India women is that she was very loyal to Rama. A demon named Ravana, the ruler of Lanka abducted Sita to avenge the deaths of Khara and Dusana who were killed by Rama and Laksmana. Ravana offered Sita his life and his kingdom of Lanka if she would agree to marry him. Sita said “O, demon! Rama, the son of King Dasartha, is my lord, the only one I adore” (Lawall, 915). She continued to go on and tell Ravana that he would be killed because of what he had done. Ravana told Sita that he will give her 12 months to make up her mind to marry him or be killed. No matter what threats Sita received her love for Rama didn’t change. “…I shall not under any circumstances abandon my husband and seek another” (Lawall, 939). Sita devotion is another characteristic that Sita had. Hanuman came to rescue Sita and offered to take her to Rama by having her ride on his
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