"The Rainmaker" - Case Analysis

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March 22, 2011 Keya Gaston MHA 650 “The Rainmaker”: Case Analysis In watching John Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” film, I found that there were several characters that acted in an unethical and illegal way when it came to practicing law in the state of Tennessee. The beginning of the movie touched on Rudy Baylor (played by Matt Damon). He was a young student that just had graduated from Law School at Memphis State. Upon graduation, Prince Thomas introduced Rudy to a very fraudulent and unethical lawyer by the name of Bruiser Stone. Bruiser had contacts that he had grown up with that worked for the local precinct that would provide him with accident reports every morning. Because of this, his firm was best known for making their associates be “ambulance-chasers” when it came to obtaining new cases. In doing this, his associates were known to violate the law by any means necessary. Some examples of this included his associates visiting with random patients in the hospital and approaching them about securing his firm’s legal services for the injuries that they had incurred. It also included his associates going through patient charts to see who would be a good candidate for a meaningful civil lawsuit. As Brusier continued to operate his firm on many illegal pretenses...the FBI joined in on an investigation with the police against him and Prince on corruption charges that included jury tampering, tax evasion and them running a money skimming operation. Deck Shifflet (played by Danny DeVito) was a less than ethical avid “paralawyer” in Bruiser’s law firm that had a haunch based on newspaper articles that Bruiser’s firm was in jeopardy and was going to be investigated and shutdown. So therefore, he convinced Rudy to join him in partnership and bolt from Brusier’s firm by acting fast and taking 3 of the files that

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