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The Railways Children Essay

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  • on June 20, 2014
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ARAHAN: 1. Buka kertas soalan ini apabila diberitahu. 2. Tulis nama dan angka giliran anda pada ruang yang disediakan. 3. Jawapan anda hendaklah ditulis pada ruang jawapan yang disediakan dalam kertas soalan ini. 4. Kertas soalan ini hendaklah diserahkan kepada pengawas peperiksaan pada akhir peperiksaan. Untuk Kegunaan Pemeriksa Nama Pemeriksa: Soalan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumlah Markah Penuh 10 10 20 15 5 30 10 100 Markah Diperoleh

NAMA : ………………………..………………………………………………………...………



2 SECTION A (10 marks) (Time suggested : 15 minutes) Answer all questions in this paper.

The text below is about a student’s first day in a secondary school. Question 1 Read the text below. The first and last lines are correct. For the remaining lines, there is one grammatical error in each line. Underline the error. Then, write one word to correct the error in the space provided. An example has been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling and punctuation errors in this text.

When I sit back and recall my first-day experience in a secondary school, I often laugh at myself. I reached school early that day but was excited to see e.g. and new faces. Many parents accompanied their children whom looked smart in (a) _____ their new uniforms. I was looked forward to seeing my former classmates but I (b) _____ did not see any of them. All Form One students was told to go to the hall right (c) _____ away. Later, all the form teachers took the students to his respective (d) _____ classrooms. The teachers started to call out our name. When I did not hear my (e) _____ name, I quick approached her. She went over the list again and informed me (f) _____

that my name was not above it. That puzzled me since I was sure I had (g) _____ registered my name. I was then told to check with an office. I finally located the (h) _____ office and meet the...

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