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The Railway Children Essay

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  • on October 1, 2012
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Cellular Respiration Zoom in: muscle tissue cell mitochondria cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria 3 body systems are needed to make the mitochondria work; digestion, circulation, and respiration

Why digestion? through the digestive system the body acquires the food it needs to fuel all cells main food source needed are carbohydrates broken into glucose molecules the cell breaks the glucose into something smaller and sends it off to the mitochondria there the mitochondria uses these smaller pieces with oxygen to make energy for you

Why circulation? the heart and vessels are responsible to pump and transport all nutrients to all parts of the body through tiny vessels called capillaries are things like glucose, oxygen and carbon dioxide able to enter or exit the tissue or vessel the only way to get glucose (from the intestine) and oxygen (from the lung) to the cells of your toes are though blood vessels the blood vessels are essential in removing waste products too, like carbon dioxide
Ka Hana ‘Imi Na‘auao – A Science Careers Curriculum Resource Go to: www.cds.hawaii.edu/kahana


Why respiration? the lungs are necessary to get oxygen into the body in the lungs there are millions of little air sacs called alveoli that are surrounded by capillaries here the blood drops off carbon dioxide and picks up oxygen this oxygen will be taken directly to the cells when the oxygen gets to the cell, the mitochondria takes it and begins the process of cellular respiration

What does the cell do with all this? cell needs to get glucose and oxygen molecules are taken in and a series of reactions begin step 1: Glycolysis the glucose molecule must break in half new molecule called pyruvate energy measured in ATP 2 ATP used at the beginning, but 4 gained at the end profit of 2 ATP

Pyruvate Glucose Pyruvate

Ka Hana ‘Imi Na‘auao – A Science Careers Curriculum Resource Go to: www.cds.hawaii.edu/kahana


step 2: Kreb’s Cycle pyruvate...

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