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The Raft Have you ever heard of a man’s view on everything being changed by a war? My essay is going to focus on the relationship between the grandfather and his grandson, the step you take when you become a teenager and the language in the text. The grandson is turning 13 in two weeks, which means that he will no longer be a child but take the step into being a teenager. A young man if you will. “My grandfather, who lost his short-term memory sometime during the first Eisenhower administration, calls me into hos study because he wants to tell me the story he’s never told anybody before, again.” The grandson had heard this story many times before but this time it was different. The boy is becoming a teenager in two weeks, which is a very big step for every child. The fact that he is becoming a young man soon changes his view on the story his grandfather is telling him. He’s going to see life from another perspective through learning and exploring which makes the story feel different. The grandson has a lot of respect for his grandfather. It is shown in the following quote: “Basically,” I say, “it hits the side of your boat, and whango.” “You being smart with me? You think this isn’t life and death we’re talking about here?” “Sorry sir”. We get a feeling that the grandson is really frightened by his grandfather but as we continue to read to story, we get a feeling that he’s not scared at all. The grandson likes his grandfather a lot. Every time he visits his grandfather he’s getting this story told. He doesn’t complain. “Isn’t he supposed to be at summer camp? Call his mother.” followed by the grandfather telling the grandmother that if she speaks again, he will have her thrown in the brig. The grandson rather wants to be at his grandparent’s house than being at summer camp with his friends. “My grandfather, who lost his short-term memory sometime

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