The Racial Idea Essay

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The Racial Idea and Me American societal views of race mold almost all aspects of citizens’ lives. Opinions placed on African American racial groups are given stereotypes today that stem all the way from slavery in the 1800s. Unfortunately, negative attitudes towards minorities place an impact on American economy and beliefs to where every citizen can relate on a personal level. Affirmative action programs, put in place to help those minority groups affected by historical stereotypes, create huge debates in American society and politics. In this, affirmative action has become one of the largest effects of Unites States racial ideas. Authors such as Lipsitz, Barker, Jones, Tate, Wright, Barrett, and Roediger all share ideas that connect to these opinions surrounding the highly debatable issue of affirmative action. Being a college student, I was accustomed to the scholarships handed out to minorities. I often wondered why I wasn’t able to apply for such scholarships; where was the scholarship for the middle class white male? As I furthered my research I developed a large interest in the debate behind affirmative action to determine whether or not it did a good or bad for racial ideas in society. The focus of affirmative action policies is put into action ranging from employment and education to public contracting and health programs. The drive towards affirmative action is to maximize diversity in all levels of society and to even out disadvantages due to discrimination. Although affirmative action does help the disadvantaged, opponents suggest that it also hurts those who may not be a minority or from a lower social class and that by singling out the “disadvantaged” and helping give them ways to get a better job, get a better education, etc. in turn takes away those opportunities from other, possibly more qualified people. Differences between blacks

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