Rabbit Run Analysis

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------------------------------------------------- Rabbit run The fable "The rabbits that caused all the trouble” is about rabbits and wolves that live next to each other. But there are some problems. The wolves have prejudices against the rabbits and so the rabbits are often blamed by the wolves if there is any disaster. The rabbits decide to escape to a desert island, but they do not do it because the other animals say that this is no world for escapist and then they promise to help the rabbits. But the wolves put the rabbits in a cave – for the wolves own best, and later they eat the rabbits. When the other animals have not heard from the rabbits for some time they demand to know what has happened to them, the wolves answer that the rabbits have been eaten because they were trying to escape, and as you know this is no world for escapist’s. Moral: Run, don’t walk, to the nearest desert island. The fable is about prejudices and if you analyze it, anti-Semitism or maybe racism. It could be about the Nazis and the Jews, the Nazis being the wolves and the Jews the rabbits. Or it could be about the white people’s vision about…show more content…
But if I only should focus on the text alone it does contain some of the criteria’s that we talked about as being good children’s literature. There is a small universe and a dialogue, its short and parents actually might like it for their kids to hear, because the moral of the fable is quite good for children to learn because it teaches them to have faith and trust in themselves or else they will be punished. The reason why I think it is not suitable for children’s literature is because in the story it is the “good” one that dies, and the wolves actually don’t have a fair reason for killing the rabbits compared to the story about little red cap where the wolf is the one who dies because he has done something
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