The Quiet House By Charlotte Mew

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Explication The poem titled “The Quiet House” by Charlotte Mew is based on the theme of loneliness and death. The poem begins with a wistful glance at the lost security of her childhood days. In the first stanza, she talks about the talks about the death of her siblings and her Mother. She goes on to talk about the altercation between one of her brothers and father. She even tells us about the life prior to the death of her family members whose memories were kept alive by her caretaker when she spoke of them to her. She goes on to tell us that her family gets into a lawsuit with her brother and he’s now sent away and no longer with them. This represents the sense of loss and loneliness she has felt and portrayed through various avenues in her poetry. The last stanza exemplifies the sense of personal loss as well as grief felt by the speaker in the poetry. She says that even though her mother is no longer alive, everything else is the same. This is made clear by the words “The world goes on the same outside,” The speaker in the poem has come to the realization that life goes on regardless of any tragic happenings in the world. She has begun dealing with the reality of the death of her siblings when she says “The children play as we four did there,” There is sense of sorrow at their loss and also wonderment at the fact that in, spite of such personal sorrow and misfortune, the sparrows continue to fly and the trees continue to flourish and the sun continues to shine. It would be interesting to note that the speaker says “The sun shines on the dead Church spire,”. Here by using the word ‘dead Church’ we can imagine the speaker’s sense of total disillusionment with the concept of having a just higher power such as God. The speaker continues in the same vein and talks about the routine ness of her father’s life and hence her life. She is stuck here in this house

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