The Queen of the Night

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Reaction Essay: The Queen of the Night The Queen of the Night also known as Inanna (or Ishtar), is known as the goddess of chaos and love, she also has connection with fertility, sexuality, war, the moon, and the planet Venus. She was worshipped by the ancient city of Uruk. She was the daughter of Amu, the father of Gods, God of heaven. Ishtar was known as evil, heartless, and a woman who destroyed her mates and lovers. To the Babylonian pantheon she is the divine representation of the planet Venus. It’s probably because the planet Venus after the moon is the brightest planet in the night sky. In the Figure 1.2 we see “The Queen of the Night” shown in full frontal. Her eyebrows are connected and her eyes are hollow which was very common with stones and sculptures at that time. She has full lips that are shown to be slightly upturned at the corners of her mouth. Her beautiful headdress is a four-tiered headdress of horns topped with a disk. Her hair looks like it has a bun in the back with two braids that hang in the front right before her breast. Which may represent a ceremonial wig. Her necklace is just like the necklace of the god of Ur, except that her necklace has three lines to each square. She wears bracelets around her wrist that appear to be composed of three rings. Her hands are symmetrically lifted up, her palms are turned toward the viewer. The rods and rings she hold up represent authority. Which is shown to represent the power or influence of knowledge she had. Her wings are slightly spreaded but not fully extended. Her breast are shown full and high but without nipples. Her body is shaped very natural just like a real woman with the detail of the deep navel, structured abdomen and a softly molded pubic area (Wikipedia).I think they show her full front to represents her clothing

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