The Quake Essay

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I have had to grow and mature at an accelerated rate due to misfortunes, and I have armed myself with the tools to stimulate my mind and build a stable career, while also benefiting society at large. With this said I can be perceived as an honest, innovative woman who is always looking for opportunities that will help mold me into a well-rounded and open minded individual. With regards to my educational back ground, I like options, I like wants, and I like power. With these wants, I knew at a very early age that I would be entering a business school. However my interest / passion for Accounting started as early as high school and became affirmed while working full time at ABN Amro Bank in Amsterdam after graduating from High school. During this work experience my passion for numbers increase as I learned a tremendous amount about business and most importantly I was able to gain useful exposure to the world of accounting. To satisfy my desire for success, I decided to continue my education by transferring from Amsterdam to St. Maarten where I earned an Associate degree in General Liberal Arts with Specialization Accounting from the University of St. Martin. This journey led me to Howard University ; Bachelors in Accounting, University of Maryland College park; Master of Science in Accounting and Washington Adventist University ; Master of Business Administration , which now leaves me at my final challenge; which is obtain a DBA from your institution. My education and work experience have provided me with an excellent introduction to business, and Taking into consideration my foundation and my interest, The DBA program is the next logical step. I strongly believe that obtaining a doctorate in Business Administration/ accounting will strengthen my global business perspective and provide me with more successful opportunity. Explains why earning your doctor of

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