The Purpose of Education

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The Purpose of Education What's the purpose of University? To enable you to find a well-paid job later? To bridge the gap between teenage years and adulthood? Maybe both. Some believe that going to school improves our chances of getting a well-paid job. Others believe that education generally should lead to an development in a person's character and not necessarily to a successful career. In this article, I explain why university is destined to help us do both. What most parents tell their children from the moment they set foot at school is that they should study hard in order to get into university when they grow older. That makes kids assume that university will be the key to a successful career, which may eventually turn out to be a lie. There are other benefits to be earned out of a university education which won't necessarily lead to financial independence. One of the most important things people can get out of their education, especially higher education is learning about real life and further developing their character. One might think that these particular processes should have already been finalized. That's right; they should have. The only thing is, the educational system used in schools doesn't leave too much space for free expression and uninterrupted character development. As a direct result, people really get to know themselves only after they've left school. For example, a student who might have been considered a nerd in his teenage years, might discover in his twenties that he had been terribly misunderstood, because he's in fact more interested in art or sports. It is while in higher education, like university education, when people get their first glimpses of what it feels like being an adult; when they finally get away from home and start taking serious responsibilities, other than taking care of their cats. This kind of character

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