The Pumpkin Eater Short Essay

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“The Pumpkin Eater” By Alexi Kondylas The short story "The Pumpkin Eater" by Isabelle Carmody is a coming-of-age rite of passage and an allegory. Events in the narrative show quest conventions that are common throughout history. Like with; traditional gender roles are restrictive, beauty can cause unhappiness for women, and that love and marriage trap women. The quest short narrative have conventions that assist the exploration of ideas with the quest - the journey and prize. At the beginning of the story, the protagonist (princess) thought that having true happiness meant finding a man/prince to sweep her off of her feet/ to instantly fall in love , and take her away from her castle/home. Throughout the story, the protagonist (princess) begins to realise that living up to society's expectations of her meant that she would be giving up her own dreams. At the end of the story she (the princess) turns away from love and marriage to choose not to give up her dreams to please others. The protagonist (princess) embarks on 'journey' in the narrative "the pumpkin Eater" by Isobel Carmody in a spiritual, physical and literal way. In 'the pumpkin eater' the protagonist goes on a spiritual journey through the story , to find that love a marriage and marriage entraps women, and that she was really swapping one prison for another. The protagonist (princess) also literally on a journey along the world road to travel to her prince accompanied by Peter, Courage and Sugar. This is also her physical journey, once the princess goes through her spiritual journey her mind changes so she leaves to the world road for a different physical and mental journey for her own happiness . Love and marriage in 'the pumpkin eater' gives the idea that is a trap for all women it also is explored throughout "The Pumpkin Eater" using the quest convention "the
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