The Public Needs to Know Essay

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The Public Needs to Know 1 The Public Needs to know ( About Free Clinics) Christy Phillips Strayer University English 115 ALENE Morrison 04/28/2014 The Public Needs to Know 2 The people in Douglasville, Georgia need to know that the health care of the community is crucial. It is because of the price of the insurance today too many people go without medical care that they need. If Douglasville, Georgia had a free clinic more people could get the health care of that they need. There are more people dieing everyday because they cannot afford to get the medical care they need. That is why now more than ever the community needs to open a free clinic here in Douglasville, Georgia for the low income families and the uninsured. The public needs to know why a free clinic would be beneficial to Douglasville, Georgia. To begin with the state of Georgia population is 9,687,953 and of that 132,493 live in Douglas county (US Census Bureau,2010). According to ( nearly 2 million people in Georgia are uninsured that is among the highest in the nation. There is a total of 44,131 uninsured in Douglas and Carroll County it is the third highest in the state of Georgia. The presence of free primary care clinic reduces hospital costs associated with non-urgent ED use and inpatient care (Journal of Health & Human Services Administration. Mar2012, Vol. 34 Issue 4, p456-470. 15p). That is why someone needs to find a way to help the uninsured and low income families get the health care they need. One of the best ways for Douglasville, Georgia to help these families would be to open a free health clinic. The clinic staff is here on a voluntary basis and are paid with the money raised by fundraisers and local business contributions. They hope this helps to reassure the patients that the doctors here care about them and not their

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