The Public Needs to Know Essay

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The Public Needs To Know: Free Clinics for those without Medical Insurance Erin Leigh Gibson Professor Michelle Monte English 115 March 18, 2014 There are millions of Americans without health insurance and no access to comprehensive medical and dental care. I am proposing a plan to open a free medical clinic in my neighborhood for those without medical insurance. There are many adults and children who do not have this access because they do not have jobs or the funds to see a doctor. Health care should be available to everyone regardless of work status or financial situation. The high cost of medical coverage is the main reason people are going without insurance. People often go without coverage due to job loss and gaps in eligibility for public healthcare such as Medicaid. Numbers of uninsured are rising due to recessionary periods and more and more people becoming unemployed. This is why I think that free access to medical care is becoming more important. The special needs of the public for free health care are becoming more prevalent. There are so many disabled, diseased, and young children not able to receive the vaccines that are necessary to keep them healthy. Many handicapped or disabled are without jobs and do not qualify for disability, therefore they do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. Many of these people require special medications, equipment, and treatments. Several of these patients do not even have transportation to get to a doctor. With a free clinic available in their neighborhood they would have access to all of this and more. Free health care available to the immediate neighborhood could solve many issues for the community. Flu vaccines, children’s regular vaccinations, pneumonia vaccines for the elderly and access to sick visits and doctors who would be able to prescribe the medications necessary to keep our community

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