The Public Needs to Know Essay

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What do you think when you read claims in a newspaper or magazine that seem to be unsubstantiated? I personally don’t hold much weight to newspapers or magazines it is just like news media outlets they claim to be independent but they are all pulling for one side more than the other. In today’s world you have to do research and find real independent outlets to get the real truth. Even if you get bits and pieces from all over. How do you approach research? Research to me is pretty easy I grew up in the technology era and I am very good with computers and the internet and I can usually find anything I need. I am very good at finding credibly sources to use for research papers. The days of using a library and books are a past stage for me. What are your biggest challenges in doing research? As for anyone I think the biggest problem is making sure the information is credible, there are always loads of information on the internet and a lot of times the information is junk. But with today’s day and age you can always find the right stuff on the internet if you know where to look. What are some tips that you think will help you and others in conducting research? As I have stated a few times making sure the information is true. A lot of College’s have a library with a ton of articles that are all credible and can be used for research or if you are inclined there is a ton of information on the internet to use. If you are all school you can also break out the books and dig threw them as a lot of the information in them is true and very much

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