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In order to improve the nutrition and health of the students, a change in the breakfast and lunch programs must occur. There is a big worry for parents about what their children eat at school. With an economy not improving that much, more parents rely on the school food program. The high concern in food related diseases such as obesity and overweight, is a clear indication of the need to improve the food program. The actions steps taken here will also lead to explain the benefits of the program. The economics situation consists one of the main problem on the changes in the school food program. According to the article in Am J Public Health. 2010 February, “In the light of a proposal to improve diet by shifting food prices, it is important to understand how price changes affect demand for various food”. There is a real fear in potential price increases in order to improve the meal at school. As the economy continue to sink, more parents put their child into the school food program. An article wrote by Kennedy, Maure Q. and Signe stating “ Many parents are rallying behind the USDA Fresh/Dried fruit and vegetable Pilot Project, Which provide Free produce to 100 public and private elementary, middle, and high schools during the last school year”. Also, the child obesity problem is critical for kids Health, cost of health as stated in an article wrote by Lori and Cloudas “The diseases such as diabetes and obesity are taking a costly tool in the health care system in the U.S.”. Child overweight and obesity have become a major concern. A research conducted by the CDC has shown that obese child are more likely to become obese adults. These health situations usually lead to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetic, heart attacks and strokes. People that do not pay attention to their eating habits can find themselves in a serious

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