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ASSIGNMENT 2.1 THE PUBLIC NEED TO KNOW –DRA November 14, 2013 English 115 Instructor: Professor Audrey L. Vaughan The recent change in the breakfast and lunch programs are beneficial to everyone that is involved. Children are becoming obese sooner in life due to not eating the right food. With childhood obesity reaching all-time highs, President Barack Obama has implemented changes to what is required in the nation cafeterias. “The healthy, hunger –free kids Act, signed by President Barack Obama in 2010, require all government-subsidized lunch programs to double the amount of fruit and vegetables they serve to children, and serve only whole grains for all grain products.” (Allens, 2012).the change so far seems to be for the all the children. There are major issue dealing with the change which are, economic situations, special needs of the population being served, process, and the benefits. The recent change in the breakfast and lunch programs to improve nutrition and health has had an economic impact on individuals. Economically, the national school lunch program (NSLP) is the nation’s second largest food and nutrition assistance program. In 20012, it operated in over 100, 00 public and nonprofit private school (grades-K-12) and residential child care institutions. The NSLP provided low-cost or free lunches to over 31.6 million children daily at a cost of $11.6 million. The United States has been through a recession, which has cause difficulties for a lot of families. The federal government will add six more cents to each lunch to make it meet the new standards. New standards tool effect in 2011 for schools breakfast and lunch programs. Also parents are in charge of what their children eat, but kids are in the care of school a portion of their life too. From my research on these programs, children receive up to half of their calories at school in form of

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