The Psychology of Serial Killers Essay

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The Psychology Serial Killers He is a 32 year old white male. He lived an unstable childhood filled with child abuse and an alcoholic mother. His childhood hobbies included the torture of animals, which he later dismissed as “nothing major”. Growing up, he abused drugs and alcohol and also accepted homosexual tendencies. He currently has a long criminal history that includes serial murder… Nowadays, the media has sensationalized the idea of a human being capable of serial murder and academia has scrutinized the phenomenon of serial murder. However, most fiction has blurred fact regarding serial murder and killers. This paper will simply cover the definition and context of serial murder, the basic types of serial killers and their characteristics, the psychological roots of their behavior, and lastly, the importance of apprehension. Serial murder is probably the most misunderstood crime since any average individual would come to wonder how anyone in their right mind could accomplish such atrocities. But it exists and it is important to understand the context of its meaning. According to Zelda G. Knight, serial murder “is a type of abnormal behavior which breaches the boundaries of consensual rationality and normality.” (Knight, 2006.) There are three types of serial murder which are categorized based on the number of victims and the cooling-off period. The first is Mass Murder, which involves “the killing of three people or more at one time and in one place” with no cooling-off period. The second is Spree Murder, which is “the killing of at least three or more people within a 30 day period and is also accompanied by other crimes”. The third and last is Serial Murder that revolves around “the killing of three or more people over period of more than 30 days with a significant cooling-off period”, which can consist of weeks, months or years. I n this context,

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