The Provision Of Culturally Safe Nursing

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The Provision of Culturally Safe Nursing Throughout this report the following topics will be discussed. Some of the personal factors affecting communication and nursing care including cultural, religious, ethnic and diversity amongst patients and nurses. In this section important factors in the health care system that could cause problems for patients and their families whilst receiving care from hospitals or other services will be discussed. In conclusion details of some of the implications that culturally safe nursing approach may have on the nursing practice will be covered. Other examples include what is acceptable behaviour for each patient. Indigenous Australian communities have very strong beliefs when it comes to respect, and more importantly disrespect. It is expected among Aborigines in their communities that are respectful to elders and children (Eckermann et al. 2006). If whilst receiving health care an Indigenous patient may find behaviour that a nurse doesn’t intentionally display very disrespectful. This could therefore result in conflict and communication problems. With all different approaches come implications, some positive and some negative. Introducing culturally safe nursing into the nursing practice in general could bring problems into hospitals and other health services. These could include the need for the constant availability of two different gendered nurses for patients who wish to be treated by certain people. The stress of always ensuring that there are two nursing staff from each gender could cause problems for the nursing staff and their families as well as the actual hospital rotations and usual shift timetables. Also, introducing culturally safe nursing into the nursing practice may cause nurses to concentrate and place more emphasis on the way they are treating a patient in regards to their cultural safety rather

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