The Protection Of Cultural Diversity Essay

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The Protection of Cultural Diversity International Business Law INT 4050-02 The act of promoting one’s values, rituals, symbols, beliefs and thought processes onto another society can be thought of as cultural imperialism. Many nations have every right to want to preserve and protect their own culture from the influence of others. However the history of a nation, events that sculpted their cultural values, can never are changed by the introduction of another country’s product or service. In fact it can strengthen a culture and promote diversity. The Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is a convention that was put together, in essence, to protect and promote a nations culture. The convention is not meant to preserve one’s culture but as a cover up for a government to control what a nation is exposed to and to restrict products, series, and promotional processes that are introduced by other countries. The mixture of different cultures is a process that has been going on for centuries and it is something that cannot be slowed down through the restriction of trade. Countries should not limit the influence of foreign cultures in their communities. They should not restrict foreign content of advertising, television, music, or film. Taking these measures is something that is bad for all parties involved. The government is promoting protectionism of the economy, and it is limiting the possibility of trade with other countries. It prevents any future businesses from gaining profit based on there services. Music and film are both large exports of the U.S. and “protecting” a culture from it would defeat the purpose of the work done by the World Trade organization. The introduction of Disney World in China is a prime example of the problems that a country would have when entering into a country that is protecting culture and

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