The Pros Of Green Cleaning

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We can help you easily and simply transform your home into a non-toxic and healthy haven with these six DIY recipes to improve your indoor air quality. David Lang, MD, head of Allergy/Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic says children, people with asthma, and the elderly may be especially sensitive to indoor pollutants, but other effects on health may appear years later, after repeated exposure. Indoor allergens and irritants have become much more important in recent decades because we're spending more time indoors, Lang says. And because modern homes are airtight, these irritants can't easily escape. "We're all exposed to a greater degree than we were three or four decades ago," he says. Green cleaning can give you a deep feeling of satisfaction…show more content…
1. Non-toxic cleaners are perfectly safe around children. 2. Non-toxic cleaners keep the air you breathe clean. 3. Non-toxic cleaners are much, much cheaper. 4. Non-toxic cleaners don't harm the environment. Clean is important, but so is your health and the health of your family. Try these all-natural green cleaning recipes to improve your indoor air quality while avoiding harsh chemicals. DIY Cleaner Basic Ingredients If you're starting a DIY green cleaner's kit, the following are the top ingredients you'll want to have around. Some combination of these ingredients will be in almost all of the recipes you find below! • Baking Soda • White Vinegar • Borax • Essential oils, like tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, or lemongrass oil • Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner's) • Fresh herbs, citrus, or citrus…show more content…
light olive oil 20 drops or more of lemon essential oil ¼ c. white vinegar Enough distilled water to fill rest of bottle. Shake. Spray a bit onto dust rag. (6) Clogged Drains A stopped up sink or tub is a real hassle, but pouring toxic chemicals like Drano on them isn't so wise. Not only will that pollute our waterways, but the products can cause chemical burns and are highly dangerous if ingested. You Will Need: 2 cups baking soda 4 cups boiling water 1 cup vinegar Directions for Homemade Drain Cleaner Remove all water from the sink or tub and pour about 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Make sure that baking soda makes it down the drain. Next, pour about 2 Cups of boiling water down the drain. The baking soda mixed with boiling water dissolves the sludge and gunk in the pipe, even if you don't see it happening. Wait a few minutes. Now, pour anothercup baking soda down the drain then add 1 cup of white vinegar and plug the drain immediately. If you're unclogging a double sink, plug both drains. You'll hear sizzling coming up from the drain and see bubbles foaming up. When the bubbles have died down, add the remaining boiling water down the drain. Repeat this process if necessary. We hope these recipes will be a big help to

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