The Pros and Cos of Using Technolog

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The Pros and Cons of Using Technologies in Education Abstract Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine the educational process without use of technology in the classrooms. Technology and mass media is the useful tools for students and teachers that help them to teach and learn. This essay tells about the impact of mass media on students and education in general. It explains its positive and negative impact on the process of studying. It indicates that how technology and mass media is changing the process of teaching and learning. It highlights the advantages of the technology use in educational facilities. It also explains why everyone who is involved in the educational process should be careful with the use of technologies that are directed to make the education much easier and fruitful. The Pros and Cons of Using Technologies in Education The American schools are constantly looking for different ways that would help them to increase the benefits for students. One of the main tasks is to provide the students with as many useful tools as possible. The regular American school sees the progress in education in those tools and considers them as a real helper. Americans are convinced that the certain degree of education will provide the future students with a set of skills that would help them to rule themselves. Nowadays, it is believed that American school could not provide those skills without use of technology. In the 21st century the mass media or technology goes hand in hand with education (Cassidy 3). It is difficult to imagine the modern educational process without the use of technology in the classrooms and schools all over the country. The development of the economy and different industries brought the role of technology and mass media in education to the fore. In modern education, the role of
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