The Pros and Cons to Electronic Coupons

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There are pros and cons to this marketing approach. State your agreement or disagreement with this practice using your understanding of the information presented in the lectures, text readings and other relevant sources. Your response should include the following: * A description of the target market for electronic discount coupons. * An analysis of at least two of the 4Ps that apply in marketing this service. * Explanations of one advantage and one disadvantage associated with using this service from the perspective of the business owner or the customer redeeming the coupons * An explanation of your position for or against the use of electronic discount coupons. * An example from your personal experience or that of a friend, co-worker, family member, acquaintance, or other source to support your position * An analysis of how this practice could be improved or leveraged for other products or services. In your responses to your classmates, relate any personal experiences you have had with electronic discount coupons. The target market for electronic coupons, which are called e-coupons, are the everyday internet shoppers. These consumers’ demographics range from all adult ages, ethnicity, religions and etc. Companies offer online coupons hoping that the targeted audience will find and use the intended coupon (Germain, Simon, Soh, Spindler, Sah, 2001). This type of marketing is a good tactic to ensure that existing and potential customers will look to you for their everyday electronic shopping lifestyles now and in the future (Gallegher, 2009). Pricing of the discount should either be by dollar amount or percentage. The dollar amount should be used for new products that are offered by the company’s competitors. By using the dollar amount on new products the company gains an advantage in the products’ purchasing habits by the customers. In

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