The Pros And Cons Of The National Debt

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What is the national debt? Many people do not know or do not want to know about it. Many people in this country are too busy working that there is not time to think about the really meaning of the national debt and its implications. Most of the people just work and work and are having confidence in their governments. Are they really taking care of all these people? It is so sad when you stop to think about our future or our kids and grand kid’s future. What are we going to leave for them? Are we leaving them debts? The National Debt is the total amount that the government currently owes from all of its past borrowing. It is like the mortgage that our governments, past and present, have borrowed on the United States of America. Why we do have…show more content…
According to data found on the Federal Budget website, we can see that medical care, national defense, and social security are the largest parts of expenditures of the U.S. government. As a member of the Congress, I would like to start reducing these three main expenditures. It is vital that we have a better medical care system. Health care in the United States has a long story, our government had tried to find the solution to this huge problem but they have not being successful yet. We are leaving in one of the most powerful nations in the world and we do not have a decent medical care system. I do not really understand how all this works but I see that in other countries people have more access to health care than here in the United States. In this country doctors and insurances are getting richer every day. In the other side, people are dying every day because they do not have money to pay for hospital and medicines. We need to reduce the medical care costs. The solution is not only that our government provides help paying medical bills; the solution would be reducing the doctors and hospital fees. We need to eliminate insurances companies and all kind of organizations that are between the patient and the health care provider. All of these increase the cost of the medical care. We need to have a governmental organization that provide health care to the…show more content…
As a result, we have to look forward and try to find the best solution to this problem before it is too late. We need to take care of future generations and try to clean the mess that past governors had done. If the government does not control its greatest areas of spending, the national debt will keep growing and get out of control. The recession has taught the average American some hard lessons about not overspending, saving more and investing for the future and it is about time that the U.S. government learned those lessons,

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