The Pros And Cons Of The American Jury System

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“The judge determines the law when, while the jury is responsible for finding facts of the case in most common law jurisdiction”. Is the American jury system still a good idea? Is a good question to ask and in my personal opinion I do not believe it is. The reason why is based on documents B, C, D provides why I feel strong about my opinion. To begin with, the word “sacred crow” is something that is well respected and people do not want criticized. Document t B talks about serving the jury system and how it works. Americans attend the jury because they are accustomed to and can receive consequences for not attending. Based on the facts that Document B exhibits, the American jury system is not a good idea solely because people will be criticized…show more content…
Also it gives ordinary citizens an important role on oversight in the judicial branch. This is not equal or fair due to the fact that the law definition of ordinary is; a person, mainly a judge exercising authority by virtue of office and not by delegation. Also document C states those who serve the jury receive benefits and so does the cases that appears before it and democracy itself. Therefore how does someone who doesn’t believe in democracy be considered to have equal rights is the jury system is what is used. That’s another reason why the American jury system is not a good idea. Finally, document D proves that the American jury system is not a good idea. Focusing on the Casey Anthony case, where she was found not guilty for the death of her daughter. Although the jurors used common sense as wells as fact-based evidence, they still managed to neglect speculation. How can the American jury system be considered a good idea , if a 3 year old girl is found dead 3 months after she died and the cause of death is considered undetermined. If the jury system was still a good idea, someone should have been responsible for that little girl’s death, but instead the only victim walked
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