The Pros and Cons of the Belo Monte Dam

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Josue Chavez 11/13/12 LU Seminar Yes/No Final Essay The Belo Monte Dam Project Should Go On In our world today, one of the main goals is to improve and develop as a society. Without development, our world stays the same and there is nothing to look forward to in the future. Brazil’s government has come up with an idea to potentially raise their ecological standard by building a new hydroelectric dam in the heart of the Amazon Basin in the state of Para, Brazil. The Belo Monte dam project is a federal funded project that is expected to begin commercial generation in January of 2015, with full-plant automation targeted by January 2019. This is a project that could create major development for the land and the people of Brazil. Although this project could provide a great positive outcome, there are also negatives to the general plan. With construction of this large dam, comes abnormal destruction to the land. If the land is to be altered, not only would there be dramatic physical changes to the environment but the culture and people could be greatly impacted and in the end the natives of this area could be left without a home. All in all, the Belo Monte dam project has its pros and cons but in the end all that matters is that the government and citizens of Brazil come to an understanding of what is best for their culture, economy, and environment. Brazil is tropical country known for its culture and mining that borders every South American country except for Chile and Ecuador. Its tropical climate provides a great home for indigenous species and vegetation. Along with all the wild life, the land provides a great amount of natural resources with the main ones being iron and steel. With these resources Brazil is able to export material to other parts of the world while making a good income for the governmental industries. A big mechanism that Brazil prides itself

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