The Pros And Cons Of Racism

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Racism is not a thing from the past. It is much alive today in our generation. Some people might be blunt about being racist and some might hide it. However according to the article, many of us are racist without even knowing it. Some researchers state that “we are not born with racial prejudices and we also might never have been taught them”. There are two tools that are popular among researchers when trying to understand racism and prejudice. The Implicit Association Test measures racial prejudice that we cannot consciously control. The test is really simple and it asks you to categorize images of faces, such as European white or African American, while at the same time categorizing words, such as evil, happy, awful, etc. The faces and words…show more content…
First part I disagree with is where one of the researchers mentioned that “we might not have been taught to be prejudice”, which in my opinion, I think stereotyping and prejudice is a learned behavior. We are not born with racial prejudices, however depending on the environment you were exposed to and the people you were raised around, you tend to think a certain way. For example, if you are born in a family who are racist towards a certain culture, you are most likely to grow up with the same ideas. Another part I disagree with from the article is how the researchers tend to suggest that the men who killed Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, Trayvon Martin, and many more innocent people, were not conscious and may have not been racist at all during the incident. I think this was just a lack of training and stereotyping against these innocent men who were put into a category they did not belong in. As I mentioned earlier, racism is very well alive and I think many people know they are racist as much as they try to tell themselves they are not. I think researchers are trying to find an “okay” to why some people think they are superior to others or why they tend to be prejudice and racist. This is not right and if we want to change this mentality it needs to start in children and raising them to understand we are all humans, no different from one another, and categorizing people because of the color of their skin is not

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