The Pros And Cons Of Oklahoma Child Labor Laws

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Money, great stuff; but earning it is the hard part. Several of you may be around the age of fifteen (15) to sixteen (16) some may be older or younger. Some may have already tried to find out what the specifications Oklahoma Child Labor Laws are, some may have just wait till you are 16 to get a job. I on the other hand have tried vigorously to get a job. In this speech I will inform you on the downsides of the strict labor laws for minors and to convince you at how the laws are obviously too difficult and frustrating to just get a simple part time job for some measly amounts of cash. Therefore the laws regarding child labor in Oklahoma should be less strict First of all, the work permits are what grant people who are underage to get a job. The idea is a great idea but there’s one problem. The Oklahoma Government is too strict with the laws of minors working. According to an information pamphlet named Oklahoma Child Labor Law; written by Brenda Reneau Wynn, Commissioner of Labor, “Fourteen (14) years is the minimum age for work, with a work permit.” That which was located on the front side of the pamphlet which was published in September of 2002. That’s a mighty fine idea; if it worked. Through my personal experiences in the summer of 2005 (in which I was fourteen years old) searched for the ways to get a job for some extra cash, but then…show more content…
I say that you need to teach kids a lesson, not restrict them from that opportunity to learn to do better when they are older. When the Oklahoma government plays the fair labor law, kids are highly restricted and don’t have much of a say in anything. The outlandish laws restricting much of the freedoms of being an American minor are completely and utterly wrong and should be abolished. So next time you see a minor working at a job, imagine you are congratulating him on achieving the unattainable, and remember fair labor, isn’t that

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