The Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality has been around ever since telephones were invented, and during these times people pay none to very little attention to it. Now in 2018, it has become the biggest problem that people had to face this year. There are many reasons why people hate it but it also has some important features that a few people love. Although Net Neutrality provides protection for company websites, it brings many risks to the average user because some people are not able to pay the price for the many topics they have to do research on. Net Neutrality is where the government allows the companies of network operations such as Sprint or AT&T be able to charge as much as they want for people to buy their products. In this case it would be the amount…show more content…
This could happen because when it comes to competition the people of the better networks that provide better service are able to charge more causing more people to drop and change to a cheaper provider. In this case it would be some provider that can barley run anything with their internet. On top of that some internet providers “promise” to provide the best service they can to their customers but what they meant by promise is a two hour phone call with someone at a phone that will leave the little song playing to keep you distracted and make you waste more time. So the truth behind this is that if net neutrality is passed then people would have to charge more per minute on a phone so the longer the caller waits to help the customer the more money goes in their pocket. Manne also did study on TV companies and the results show that when cable providers were able to change their prices to a higher price and more people started to drop or change. Which caused a massive decline in people watching cable and instead rely on entertainment from websites and other apps such as youtube for example. As Manne said “No decent person should want net neutrality to be a…show more content…
With the uproar about net neutrality many people had started to speak against it. As the days go by that number increases. This shows how much people love the internet the way it is and that it doesn't have to change. As the authors of my sources can agree on is that internet providers should not be allowed to change the prices on the service they provide. As well as not charge per the amount of times the search bar is used. Maybe if things work out more websites can be given more credit with the correct information and students won’t have to worry about a limit on how much they need to look up

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