The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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The planet earth has been around for over four and a half billion years. Humans, arguably the most intelligent life form on the planet, have only existed for 200,000 years. Recent studies have identified that humans are accelerating a scientific phenomenon known as global warming. Global warming as a whole is completely altering a multitude of facets on the planet earth. Average air and sea temperatures across the globe in all climates are steadily rising. Storms are becoming increasingly frequent and severe in climates like the tropics. Animals are being forced to migrate to new lands to inhabit because of climate change. The climate of the planet on a global scale is being thrown into a gradual chaos all because of global warming. It is…show more content…
Humans do things that create carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases that cause the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when gases like carbon dioxide become trapped in the atmosphere and trap incoming solar energy. That solar energy is then redirected in all directions thus, warming the entire planet and causing what we know as global warming. Global warming is a heating up all parts of the planet causing global climate changes. “A major international assessment of climate change…provides conclusive new scientific evidence that human activities are causing unprecedented changes in the Earth’s climate.” (IPCC Confirms, 2013). “…Greenhouse gas emissions at or above current rates would induce changes in the oceans, ice caps, glaciers, the biosphere, and other components of the climate system.” (IPCC Confirms, 2013). Additionally, WMO Secretary-General Michael Jarraud said that, “Multiple lines of evidence confirm that extra heat being trapped by greenhouse gases is warming the Earth’s surface to record levels, heating the oceans, raising sea levels, melting ice caps and glaciers, and changing weather patterns and extremes.” (IPCC Confirms,

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