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The Pros and Cons of American Health Care Essay

  • Submitted by: skyler1226
  • on February 23, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Pros and Cons of American Health Care" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The pros and cons of our healthcare
many Americans are living without health insurance which has to be one of the scariest things imaginable, because not having   health care means that that cannot and will not be able to get sick. they can't get sick because they cannot afford to. they have to pay everything out of pocket and nothing healthcare related is cheap. I personally don't see where Americas health care has any pros. I see more cons because if   a   person does not have health insurance a hospital can refuse to help them. in the movie   Sicko they actually showed hospitals putting patients into a cab and having them dropped off at the door step of another building. that is not the kind of care you would expect to see in America. another con with the health of America is that we are not expected to live as long as people in other countries. both France and Canada have a national health care plan and both countries have longer life expectancies. also the people who live in those countries are much happier and more productive, because they don't have the burden of worrying what happens if they get sick. they don't have to worry making them more efficient workers. even if you have health insurance in America you don't always get the services you would expect, the insurance company might say that the surgery that could save your life is experimental and they wouldn't have to cover it. another thing the insurance companies are good at is finding ways to drop your coverage. can you believe that there are people who get paid to find something in you policy to get you dropped. in France and Canada they don't have to worry about what will be covered or what wont. pre-existing conditions   are not a problem either. one of the doctors in Sicko said "that if someone needs help then they must help, it's that simple. "
I think that the best solution to help the health and health care of our country would be to socialize our health care industry. I mean the doctors can...

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