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A promise to the death person is a burden if it is not fulfill. Before my grandfather died,he asked me to promise him that I would choose a career that could help the sick, the poor. In order to please the dying, I accepted his requirement without thinking even though I did not want to. Instead of being an opera singer, I have to give up my dream to become a nurse because of my dream to become an opera singer made my family unhappy. When I was at tenth grade in High School in 2000, I wanted to become an opera singer rather than a person who worked in medical field. I liked the flashing of the opera stage light, the way a singer dress up, the applause of audiences; moreover, if I were a singer, I would travel around. In addition, I did not have to work eight hours, six days a week in the office under the pressure, I felt freedom when I worked. When my family heard my choice, no one liked it. My father yelled at me,” Do you know people do not respect the singers in our society? They are outcast musicians.””If you want to be like them, then, bring all your belongs and get out of my house.” I cried and did not say any words. My mother and my sisters teased me, and my grandfather was unhappy because of my decision. He did not say anything about my decision. He always hoped that I would follow his path – an oriental medicine physician- to cure and to help the poor, the sick. I liked my grandfather’s job, but my dream was bigger, so I did not care about ones liked or ones did not like my choice. The promise to my grandpa has changed my life. In 2003, I graduated from high school and registered at University Theatre to study music to prepare to be an opera singer. At the time, my grandfather was serious illness. Before dying, my grandpa asked me to give up my dream to be the singer. He wanted me to go to medical school. To please him, I had promised without thinking,

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