The Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive Era The Progressive Era was a period from about 1900-1916 when many Americans were pushing for political change and social reform. During this time, the country was going through many changes. This was the first time in American history when there were more people living in cities than in rural areas. There were many new factory jobs available that had never been available before, so there was a large influx of people to the cities from the South and from other countries such as Italy and Ireland. Industry and big businesses were growing quickly and political corruption was going strong. Many people had a problem with how close our government and big businesses were with each other so these people were pushing for purification of government. They wanted transparency of government and they wanted to put a stop to corruption. Progressives wanted to make things better for the people, not the corporations. They felt that their personal freedoms were on the decline so they took steps to preserve their rights. Most people who supported Progressivism were of the middle class but they knew that they and the working class deserved a voice in economic decision making. Progressives were mainly against the idea of big businesses running everything and making it unfair for the average American. They did not believe in letting people be exploited. They believed in equal rights for everyone including women. The book says that many of the members of the Progressive Party were women who were members of female reform organizations. There were many political figures that held Progressive views. In the election of 1912, for instance, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, although they were in different political parties, represented two competing strands of Progressivism. The other two candidates in this election were William Howard Taft and

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