The Progression, Implementation and Development of Sound Amplification

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Assessment: Research Project Unit The Progression, Implementation and Development of Sound Amplification Contents 1. Introduction 2. The history of amplification • Natural amplification • Construction based amplification • The leap to electric amplification and the effect this had on music 3. Terms used with amplifiers & Common misconceptions • Basics of electrical amplification • Types of amplification • Common setups • Problems associated with power amplification 4. The tube debate • The construction and major differences to transistor based systems • Thoughts and idioms on tube amplifiers • Factual advice and evidence 5. Conclusion 6. Image Appendix 7. Bibliography Introduction Through the following written sections, I plan to introduce and explain different elements that go into and which have formed the history and progression of sound amplification from the very first ‘un-musically related’ (but intended) projections of sound, found in roman amphitheatres (and less so in other cultures). Right up to the recent technological advances which have made sound amplification more efficient and less expensive. My primary aims for this project are to both understand the differences in how sound is amplified and how different physical layouts and arrangements affect sound quality in different environments. Some of the reasons I chose this subject include the fact that I am currently performing regularly, in a local group which relies on these technologies. Because of this I have developed a personal interest in the differences in methods for sound amplification and reproduction. I believe a better understanding of the varying methods will ultimately lead to an improved ability to set up more efficient and more specific amplification systems. I

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