The Prison System

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Donavon White Nora Hopkins English Comp. II, 9:20-10:50 Tuesday and Thursday February, 14 2012 The article “Bottomless pit: Prison numbers continue to climb”, written by Julie Delcour, was published in the Tulsa World. Delcour wrote the article to inform the public of our prison system’s population increase and the problems caused by the increased population. Delcour also gives examples on alternative methods of punishment to help with the offenders, as well as trying to educate them to live a better life once released. In order to support her claim, Delcour gives numerous statistics on the increasing population of our prison systems. Delcour says “in 2009 Oklahoma had 26,397 inmates, up about 530 inmates from 2008” (Delcour 1). With Oklahoma increasing to a 99 percent capacity in the prison system our county jails are backed up 1,500 inmates, while we are down 700 corrections officers (Delcour 2). Members of the Board of Corrections commented on the prison population levels. One of the board members called it “beyond critical”, while “Board member Rainey complained lawmakers ignored suggestions made by the board on saving money for the tax payers” (Delcour 2). Although Delcour has an abundance of information, the lack of documentation may cause some readers to question the facts.…show more content…
Over the years, supervision technology such as GPS monitors, faster drug tests and ATM-like reporting kiosks have been advanced which have aided in improving the success of monitoring the whereabouts and activities of offenders in the community (Delcour 3). Several of the states formed strategies to stand as alternatives for imprisonment and that will give taxpayers a better return on their public safety dollars. Delcour argues the area involving alternative punishment and ways of decreasing the population, while increasing education for

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