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The printer has changed so much over time. Not only the layout of the printer but the use of it, the cost, and the customer. There are two different types of printers that were created. The laser printer and the inkjet printer. Not one person can take credit for the inkjet printer, but it was invented in 1976 by IBM. According to An inkjet printer is a computer peripheral that makes a hard copy by spraying ink on paper. An inkjet printer can make a copy with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch, but some inkjet printers can make full color hard copies at 600 dpi or more. In an inkjet printer , the print head has several tiny nozzles called jets. When paper moves past the print head, the nozzles spray ink on it, making pictures. An inkjet printer can make from 100 to a few hundred pages before the ink cartridges has to be replaced. There is usually one black ink cartridge and one color cartridge with ink in primary colors. Some inkjet printers use a single cartridge with color and black ink. When the printer first came out no one really bought the printer and the printer cartridges because it was priced at around $1000.The first challenge for technology companies was not only to worry about quality but also on the cost of printers. In 1977 Siemens invented a popular inkjet model that became very popular with businesses and organizations. The biggest benefits of this printer were that it sprayed ink only when necessary and were not expensive. Soon printer companies realized that the ink jet printers were the future in technology. It wasn’t until about 1988 when the ink jet printer became popular and was marketed like a home item. A big problem printer makers had with the inkjet printer was that the flow of ink from the print head to the page needed to be controlled. This required technological research not only in terms of the printers

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