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The Prince Essay

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  • on May 10, 2011
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In Machiavelli’s The Prince, he is giving his advice and opinion on what should be required of a ruler or “prince”, as he puts it.   While doing this it is evident that he feels that he is privileged to information that other people are not and he is sharing his wisdom with others.   His arguments are full of fallacies that make his reasoning almost invalid, discredit his overall character and does not provide for any emotional aspect for a reader to entice the reader.   This should not discount entirely the fact that at times he provides sufficient reasoning and he offers historical examples to back up his arguments.   However his use of logos, pathos and egos to present his argument do not always work in combination to support his claims.
His words are blunt but without hiding his logic behind his writing.   Most of his advisement throughout the chapters comes with his logic to back up his statements however he also undermines some of his logic with obvious fallacies.   A good example of his logic that is presented well is in chapter 18 paragraph 3 in which he presents that “…it is necessary for a prince to understand how to make good use of the conduct of animals” (Bedford, 134).   He goes on further to explain that out of all animals a prince should choose to have traits of a fox and of a lion.   His logic behind this is that a prince cannot be one without the other.   Unfortunately as he continues he also makes a hasty generalization, “If men were all good, this advice would not be good, but since men are wicked and do not keep their promises…” (134). His inductive reasoning seriously lacks when he makes statements like this and this affects his logos because it makes the tone of his writing unreasonable.
Machiavelli includes many examples of rulers throughout the chapters and this shows a great deal of his background knowledge of history.   However his historical knowledge is overshadowed by his opinions.   His ethos is deficient because his writing is full of...

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