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Summaries:The Prince Introduction Niccolò Machiavelli was a political philosopher in Renaissance Italy. Machiavelli was born in Florence on 3 May 1469. He grew up in a politically lawless period and entered the world of politics himself at the age of 25, when he became a clerk. The reason why he wrote The Prince because to attract himself with Lorenzo de Medici, the ruler of his home city of Florence. Machiavelli had lost all political position and influence when Lorenzo came to power; he saw 'The Prince' , as a tool to get back into favour. To be a guild for the prince to maintain his power and only secondary as a guild to maintain principality. 1.In Machiavelli's first chapter on The Prince he discuss that herditary priciples are rule that is passed down by a member from a family. It also meant that they are either been in ruling for a long period of time or either has only been temporary. He then says that in order of control , you are either to be free or to live under a prince; which is included by fortune or by ability . 2.In chapter 2 , he is said to not discuss about republics but only principles alone and exaggerate how it will be governed or maintained . He argues that that the original principle;hereditary of the original is better than the new ones . He gives an example about Duke of Ferrara to tell people that they have forgotten what was really true to them . 3.Chapter 3 he explains that with the new principles comes with great responsibility and can also be a harm because of those who will want to change rulers to their own pleasure and wantings . But they do not understand that with a new rulers , there will be new rules and adjustments and with that ,there will be misunderstandings of things around because you cannot satisfy those who gave you power . The only way is to maintain the power given and to not disturbed people's life . 4.Ch.4-5

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